Access system (QR code)

Zutrittssysteme Hofladen Automaten

Security is also becoming more and more the order of the day in the farm store sector. Many farm stores sell delicacies or, in some cases, high-priced goods from the region. Thus, theft and vandalism lead to massive loss of revenue and/or expenses.

This is where BiLL GmbH comes in with its new access system. A QR code – available on gift voucher cards or via online registration – enables access to the farm store.

Access system (QR code)

Zutrittssystem Hofladen Automaten
Zutrittssystem Hofladen Automaten

The access system from BiLL GmbH ensures maximum security for your farm store. By means of QR code the access authorization of the customers is checked. This is done via gift voucher cards or via online registration.

  • Gift Certificate Card
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Backend
  • QR Codes

The access system can be connected to the backend of the gift voucher cards. 

Module 1 – GGK:

In the first module, the customer is registered in the Bakcend using his gift voucher card. The door is opened by reading the card from the scanner. 

Module 2 – QR code:

In the second module, the customer can register online at the entrance to the farm store. Once he has filled in all the personal data, he will receive a one-time QR code by e-mail. This QR code is unique and can be used again and again.

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